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Face Masks Diy ed in the camps around here.Ye Han led Lin Zhirong and others to an extremely spacious playground.This playground is enough to occupy one third of the entire city, showing how spacious it is.No way, Face Masks Diy the soldiers of this world can exercise, but they can t run even if they run.They practice martial arts Face Masks Diy and techniques, which is definitely not something that the general playground can handle.Therefore, this playground is not only spacious, but Ye Han also specially added a lot of stencils and arrays, and used the refining technique to strengthen it.Looking into the Face Masks Diy whole playground, it is a piece of white wall and green tile, which is clearly a modern dormitory building.This multi layer structure is not common in this world, and it is generally used by towers, but Ye Han has created another style that many of them like very much.Thank you for Your Highness Many soldiers can t help but thank you for the cold.Lin Zhirong, Chen Ba and others also sa. id to Ye Han Let your Highness worry Face Masks Diy They have to be moved in their hearts, Face Masks Diy because they can see from these beautiful buildings that Ye Han is very valued to them.In fact, they don t know. In fact, Y

e Han is more just missing his hometown, so he does it matter what kind of respirator you use for mowing built such a distinctive military camp.Of course, it is undeniable that this form of architecture burning man best dust mask Face Masks Diy is much more comfortable than the military camps of this world.Captain Lin, Captain Chen, you should settle the soldiers first, and the surrounding quarters can be used casually.Ye Han gave Lin Zhirong the first order after they entered the city.Yes Lin Zhirong and Chen Ba2 each had the n95 portacount largest number of battle camps, but band breaks on dust mask they quickly arranged everything.After the order was issued, it was naturally responsible for implementation.It is obvious that they are usually well trained. Face Masks Diy Later, their group went up to a hall in the military camp.At the entrance to the hall, there are three characters of the Command.For the so called commander, Lin Zhirong and others obviously do not understand, simply think that this is the place where the commander is Face Masks Diy issued.Of course, the Face Masks Diy use of this place is almost the same.In the Face Masks Diy hall of the headquarters, there is a huge array of plates, and Ye Han Face Masks Diy opens it.The light and shadow Face Masks Diy appear suddenly, and it is the n95 respirator images three dimensional topographic map of the entire Purple Empe.ror

Face Masks Diy

Dynasty. Face Masks Diy Looking at the detailed phantom of the terrain, Lin Zhirong and others suddenly understood that Ye Face Masks Diy Han brought them here, I am afraid that it is to formulate the next combat strategy, but it seems that it seems that they are preparing to be the enemy of the entire Purple Dragon Dynasty.Seeing this, Ye Han just smiled and said You can rest assured that it is not so fast to that step.If we can do the next thing, we can even reverse the current situation.Lin Zhirong and Face Masks Diy others secretly let out a sigh of relief, and immediately asked Ye Han what plans to follow.Ye Han smiled and said I want to hold a magical ceremony in this demon castle.Everyone around , including Mo Qiu and Yun Lin, all suddenly opened their mouths.The 430th chapter holds a magical ceremony Lin Zhirong did not understand much.He quickly yelled Do you mean that we want these people to compete in a Face Masks Diy strange game and let everyone learn the magic Others have also looked at Ye Han, and among them, most of them understand this.However, Ye Han smiled and shook his head and said No, I want to do advertising, invite the whole The people in the battle Face Masks Diy hall Face Masks Diy Several people have c

ome Face Masks Diy up with their own answers.Lin Zhirong thought about n95 respiratur it and said Besides them, the Yaozu side is Face Masks Diy expected to act.Hearing this, everyone 3m 8210 n95 particulate respirator face mask changed their faces, and immediately remembered that i.t seemed that the last time the Devil Mountain Shouyi had made Ye Han offended the Yaozu, especially the coalition face mask original pack how many time a week Peng.After so detailed, all the people know that the enemy they are about to face is so powerful.Moreover, this is only because the distance is close, majoras mask got gold dust day 3 or it is very deep in their own hatred.Those Face Masks Diy Face Masks Diy who want to come to the troubles of fish and fish to add up are not much smaller than Face Masks Diy these forces.However, Ye Han still looks dull and said Why, everyone is afraid of this I heard that everyone s heart was in a hurry and immediately calmed down.They said in unison Not afraid Ye Han just nodded in satisfaction and said Yes, our enemies are Face Masks Diy very m3 filter mask paint respirator amazon strong, but we must not forget that our own strength is not small, and ther