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Natural Face Masks estimated that the person who has seen the president can count on.e hand. coming.Chapter 234 Posting Task Even few of you have seen your president Ye Han and Lin Yaner are very upset Zhou Xiaoya Natural Face Masks scorned Zhu Lip and said helplessly The president has always been a dragon, but Natural Face Masks he has never seen it in the past.Especially in recent years, he has basically never appeared.Just as humans have Natural Face Masks evaporated, no one knows where he is going.Ye Han and Lin Yaner both face each other. Immediately, they listened to Zhou Xiaoya and said However, when the Terran and the Yaozu are experiencing a major Natural Face Masks war, he will all show up.According to the current situation, the battle on the front line is becoming more and more fierce, Natural Face Masks and there is a tendency to further expand the influence.It is very likely He will suddenly appear. Okay.Ye Handao, If I want to create any power in the future, I must follow the example of your president, be a shopkeeper, and you will be so thoroughly, Zhou Xiaoya smiled lightly.Between the three men, they have already walked into another corridor.On the way, they met many

people. They were very curious to look at the two men Zhou Xiaoya personally went out to meet.Zhou Xiaoya just nodded slightly with these people, and led Ye Han protection filter double gas mask chemical gas respirator face mask goggles and Lin Yaner to the VIP room.At the same time, they continued to ask Yes, after we separated, Natural Face Masks what happene.d to you all Lin Biao is now doing this. High, sorry, if you are not convenient to say, then I did not say hello.She was when should i use a face mask purely curious. She asked for an exit mouth and nose mask if she didn t pay attention, but she just opened her mouth and found that osha approved mask and respirator walmart the question she asked had already been Natural Face Masks related to others.She immediately wanted to apologize. Natural Face Masks However, Ye Han did not Natural Face Masks take it seriously.He said These will slowly tell you later that I am coming to the Hunting Warrior Natural Face Masks Guild today.It is a little urgent to do. Oh, what disposable half face mask is it Zhou Xiaoya heard that Natural Face Masks she had to do it officially, and her face was a bit more serious.Ye Han said Natural Face Masks I want to release a few hiring tasks, a total of six, each of which is a reward of 500,000 points.Wen Yan, Zhou Xiaoya was shocked. Warfare is hard currency in Cangshengguan.It is more useful than any treasure or

Natural Face Masks

coin. It depends on the resources in the war hall, which are not available in other places.It can only be exchanged for warfare. Therefore, it is quite common Natural Face Masks for the martial arts to be rewarded as a hiring hunter guild.However, the mission of more than Natural Face Masks Natural Face Masks 100,000 points is very rare, let alone 500,000 points.The 500,000 point battle is not a small number, and actually six missions are worth 500,000 points.In addition, there are already three million points of merit.What. Natural Face Masks kind of tasks do you want to publish We still go into the VIP room, sit down and talk about it.Zhou Xiaoya is very curious, what Ye Han wants to do, actually took so many exploits as a reward.She just received Ye Han s special challenge in the arena, and she finally got a lot of news, but she didn t Natural Face Masks think that Ye Han s battles were collected and Natural Face Masks she took out three million to spend.The Hunting Demon guild rewards the employment mission This is something that many people are not expecting.After they quietly followed Ye Han to the sorcerer s guild, Ye Han was brought into the VIP room.They Natural Face Masks naturally did not kn

ow what Ye Han was doing. Natural Face Masks Until the hall of the sorcerer s union, on a huge list of tasks, suddenly there how to do the silent hill nurse face mask were several special tasks, flashing golden light, being directly placed at the highest point of the most prominent place, many people suddenly smashed Living.Wow, 500,000 points of merit I rub, it is actually six missions Natural Face Masks together.Oh my God, I am not mistaken, I am not an illusion.In the hall of the sorcerer s guild, there are Natural Face Masks many hunters and hunters, or they are preparing to accept tasks, or submit tasks, ready to receive rewards.Suddenly seeing this scene, everyone suddenly boils.The task of 500,000 points of n95 face mask flux military exploits, even the best of unicorn face masks to cut out and where for birthday them, will take at amazon washable face masks l.east face masks for sleeping a year Natural Face Masks to accumulate such income. But now Natural Face Masks there Natural Face Masks are six such huge rewards, how can they be surprised and excited.However, they are Natural Face Masks also people who have experienced life and death battles, and they have not been overwhelmed by this huge reward, because they know that the rewards are often rich, which means that the task is more difficult and dangerous.Sure enough, when the people subconsciously looke