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Diy Face Masks n sent by Ye Han, Lei Wei, Wukong, and Xiao Chen.A few people come here naturally because an entrance to the Witchcraft battlefield Diy Face Masks is here.As for the other singers sent by Zi Yan, Chen Feng, Yin Long, Yan and Xiao Chen, they went to another entrance.Ye Han stood at the mouth of the valley, and with his current knowledge, he easily covered the entire valley, and it was very easy to Diy Face Masks find the location of the witch battlefield entrance.There is actually someone Ye Han snorted. Lei Wei and others heard an eyebrow, and they were alert and quickly released the spirit.As Diy Face Masks a result, they also found Diy Face Masks that there were actually two figures in the valley, all dressed in black, and their strengths reached the fourth level of the king.Moreover, both of them seem to be sneaky. Well, they also have the key, how is it possible Lei Wei surprised.There is a stone platform in the center Diy Face Masks of the valley, exactly the same as what they saw at the bottom of the Diy Face Masks lake.Just now, the two men actually set foot on the stone platfor

m, and there was a piece of jade in their hands, Diy Face Masks which was then embedded in Diy Face Masks the groove of the ston.e platform. The seal on the stone platform began to glow white, and the figures of the two gradually which respirator will work with pesticide disappeared.Seeing this, Wukong scratched his head and said Is the key not the only one At the corner of Ye Hanzui s corner, a horrible power directly hit the two men, Diy Face Masks and when they were about to disappear, they Diy Face Masks broke the two life students out of Shitai.Go, look at the past, Ye Han said. A few people flashed and went msa respirator mask p100 cscn straight respirator with fan to the center of Diy Face Masks the valley.Lei Wei sealed the breath of the two. puff Diy Face Masks At this moment, the two people suddenly spit out black blood and died respirator 3m 6200 directly.His Royal Highness, this Lei Wei is speechless. Because every time he has built an Diy Face Masks enemy, n95 respirator concrete dust how can the enemy be poisoned Ye Han smiled and waved his hand, Diy Face Masks did not care.Subsequently, he took a hand and the jade on the stone platform was sucked in his hands.Then, he took out the piece of jade that Xiao Chen gave him, and found that the

Diy Face Masks

two jade pieces were exactly the same, but the piece of jade that the two black people used was darker, and it Diy Face Masks was supposed to be used after the energy.The Diy Face Masks reason for being consumed. Weird, why are there two identical keys Ye Han wondered.What s so strange, a lock can t have more keys. Just then, a lazy and tender voice sounded.Immediately, Ye Han was surrounded by a girl of fifteen or six years old, not who is Ai Xuan and who is You said.the lock, Ye Han wondered. That s just a metaphor.These entrances are all made by man. So these keys are naturally artificial.How do you know that the people who built these entrances only created one key for each entrance Ai Xuexue looked disdainfully.Look at Ye Han. Ye Han Diy Face Masks touched his nose, and it was a bit bad to be looked at by a little girl.Although he knew that the Diy Face Masks actual age of the other party was more than the sum of his two.Do you know who built the entrance Diy Face Masks to this witchcraft battlefield Ye Han asked.I don t know this, it is certainly not Diy Face Masks made tens of

thousands Diy Face Masks of years ago, Ai Xuxue said in an old fashioned manner.However, you may lush face masks cupcake get some clues from Diy Face Masks these two people.Ye Han nodded. Indeed, since Ye Han has never heard of a second key in the entrance, it proves that the second key was hidden and not known to the world.Moreover, Diy Face Masks the two men committed suicide after Diy Face Masks being trapped by themselves, Diy Face Masks which means that the two had problems.At this time, Lei Wei had already searched the two people all over Diy Face Masks the body, but did not find anything that could prove his identity.There were only two strange badges, but Ye Han had never seen it.Who are 3m mask fitting these two people Ye Han couldn t help but touched his chin in confusion.It seems that this Qianlong event is not that simple.After Diy Face Masks flu mask walmart all, Ye Han hasn t understood much of this Qianlong 3m full facepiece reusable respirator 6900 event ye.t, and he can t think of any problems. Can Diy Face Masks you tell me more about the why do people wear mask on face details of the witch battlefield Ye Han looked at Ai Xuexue.Ai Xuan Xue once again cast a sly look on him, just like saying to him You beg me Ye Han is speechl