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Surgical Mask one around Zhou Xiaoya, looking at each other, they want to draw the sign of the round, so that at least when others fight, look at their true strength, think about the battle strategy.After all, the strength Surgical Mask of their Surgical Mask fifteen people is far more than the other people in the first phase of.the martial arts test. The first stage of the game is simply not enough to see their true strength, but now they are similar in strength, but different.For a time, they were all squatting and there was no one to do it.How do all the players have no confidence in their own strength Zhou Xiaoya said with a smile.This sentence stimulated the self respect of these young people, and they immediately took Surgical Mask the lead to rush to go to the lottery, but Ye Han still looked at it slowly, and they waited until they each took the sign and he went up.Take the last sign. When he saw the bamboo stick in his hand, Ye Han smiled and smiled very brightly.Haha, Surgical Mask what are you eager to use It s yours, it s not your rush to grab it.Ye Han raised the bamboo Surgical Mask stick in his hand, which is a zero word, which means Surgical Mask he is empty.Feng Yao whispered a whisper, and other people also showed a depressed colo

r.Seeing their depressed appearance, Ye Han smiled even more brilliantly.After Zhou Xiaoya separately counted their respective bamboo sticks, they announced the schedule of the n95 madk giveaway next game Lin Hao draws the zero number, the first round is more than Surgical Mask the test Wow, Ye Han is how he is again Grandma s, he has been lucky too recently.Immediately on the square, there was a voice of discussion.The leaf on the platform. was not under pressure.The hands clasped behind what does a sulfer face mask do his head and whistleed easily.From the beginning of the martial examination to the moment, Ye Han has always made people feel Surgical Mask very arrogant and arrogant, but it also makes people feel that there is such a strong reliance on his Surgical Mask back, otherwise how can he face the big family with no fear In the presence, only Lin Yaner knew that Ye Han was deliberately wanting to do this.The Surgical Mask more others can t medical face masks amazon eat his falsehood, the better for him.Even Lin Yaner guessed that Ye Han could Surgical Mask get the zero number sign.It is estimated that he secretly used his perverted coronavirus myth spirit to do his hands and feet.In Surgical Mask fact, it is true that Fang Han 2 stage air respirator with face mask found that the lottery box could not shield his spiritual knowledge.He directly urged the s

Surgical Mask

pirit to try to probe and found that he could use his hands and feet.Therefore, he slightly displayed a hand and foot that did not even count Surgical Mask the technique, igniting a vitality, and setting the zero Surgical Mask bamboo sign in the corner of the top of the box, where the average person would not touch.As a result, this round of people is naturally him.Playing less is not a big deal for him. However, Ye Han is not used to such a cheap and let others take it, especially for those who he does not like.In the first match, Liu Yan took the No. 1 pick.and fought in the thundering of the 14th sign. Please ask Liu Wei Surgical Mask and Lei Yueer to go on stage first, and other players will temporarily leave the ring.With Zhou Xiaoya s words, Ye Han and others all retreated, Surgical Mask and Liu Wei and Lei Yueer each stood on the side of the ring and looked directly at each other.The decisive battle officially began, the first game Liu Wei played against Lei Yueer Under the ring, not only Ye Han, these contestants, all the audience felt that there would be a wonderful battle to watch.I did not expect that after Liu Wei came to power, Surgical Mask he even said Surgical Mask directly I don t want to beat a woman, I admit defeat.

For a time, everyone was stunned. This stinky Surgical Mask boy Zhou Yun on the battle table suddenly whispered, but his face was full of smiles.Obviously, he was not dissatisfied with Liu Wei at the moment, but he was Surgical Mask very satisfied.However, Lei Yueer Surgical Mask in the ring dust mask rated r95 is very dissatisfied, she sighed Where do you Surgical Mask want me to let me The 120th chapter Liu Yan is preparing to turn and step down, and hear the words.He looked Surgical Mask back at Ray Yueer and said helplessly But I really can t we all wear masks but which one is real the one that hides our face or the one that is our face get it, just because I lost.Whoever wants to Surgical Mask be treated is that you lost, I want 3m 8510 respirator to beat you righteously Lei Yueer seems to be really angry, Surgical Mask no longer with Liu Yu nonsense, honesty and ingenuity fluid loss on a respirator gathere.d in how does a full face respirator work the hands of the two swords, she flashed, suddenly appeared behind Liu Yan.Flower The sword winds, like a myriad of sharp edges, and quickly shot to Liu Yan, this sword Lei Yueer Surgical Mask is obviously making full effort.Zhou Xiaoya just heard Liu Wei